#3. You Hate Yourself Because You Don’t Do Anything

Is what lead me to make my own blog. It makes sense. I am not happy career wise and whatnot with my life. What I want to do is make a change, or atleast add things to the world. I have always loved writing, so it will start here and hopefully one day down the road blossom into something I can write and publish in book(or ebook) format to t he world. Ofcourse with kickstarter and all that now it is easier to get your works out there, the problem is cutting the suck off so you can actually have something worth getting out there.
This blog will be all about myself and things I see, expierence. From the mundane to the media to the metaphysical. There will be pictures at times, mostly of my painting work on my wargame miniatures, but most likely pictures of other things as well. Although criticism sucks, I will look forward to it in the future to help improve myself.
Well, I guess thank you for your time for checking this out! Welcome to a journey into wierd thoughts and boring lives in hopes of learning skills and bettering myself! Stick around, I am sure it will not always be boring!