I would love to get good enough at painting to paint for money as a side thing as well as getting some of my stuff up on companies websites as the pics they use to show off their models. It is one of my goals.

I am currently enjoying painting 6mm as well. Kind of hard but a real treat. Currently working on some 6mm mythology guys from rapier miniatures. As well as making angel barracks insurgency grow :). Also almost done with harley quinn from knight models. My fow us paras are coming along nicely, the metal is just as fun to paint as the plastic! Ofcourse still working on some rats 🙂 Image

Went to this new donut shop, well was going to, they had a long line outside the door so heck no. Will try them next weekend and let ya know how they are. Seem to be a voodoo donuts like knockoff.

One of the things I want to be able to do is make it on my own so to speak. Work for myself in painting, writing, and making interesting things to sell. I really do look forward to the day I am less sucky and able to do it.